Squirrel (Sciuridae)

Squirrels driving you nuts?
While they may look cute when you see them out in a park, squirrels in your attic or basement are hard to make go away. The scratching noise they make when they fight their way in leaves marks. Those scratch marks are their way of establishing their new address and covering the hole with something is not going to stop them. Just like people, they know their new “home address” and they will find another way in if the front door is blocked.
Squirrels can see very well in the dark and they don’t bring food into their nesting area, your home. This makes it extremely difficult to remove them.

They are more active during daylight hours and often drag leaves, sticks  and other material from outdoors into the attic to use as nesting material. They chew on everything in sight including wiring and can create fire hazards.
Squirrels are smart and can also be found inside walls, chimneys and basements where they can do more damage.

Full Moon Animal Control has the knowledge and experience you need to get squirrels to find another place to live.


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