Skunks  (Mephitidae)


The skunk is a carnivorous mammal normally four to ten pounds, eating both plants and insects.  They commonly eat berries, roots, and grubs.  They are also opportunistic eating garbage and pet food.
Skunks mate in early spring with a litter between four to seven kits.  They are general weaned at two months but stay with their mother for up to a year.  The mother is protective spraying at any sign of danger.  Skunks have two sets of anal scent glands and can spray up to 10 feet.
Skunk females will share their dens with other females during the winter months and will generally use the same winter den.  Skunks have excellent sense of smell and hearing, with eyesight limited to approximately 10 feet.

Skunks will burrow under decks, garages and sheds and are easily detectable through the smell.  They can do significant damage to lawns when uprooting grubs.

Skunks can carry rabies.

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