Wildlife Control

When wildlife shows up on your property, it can be more than just a nuisance. In some cases, unwanted wildlife can constitute a health hazard and put you and those around you at risk for injury.

If your property has been invaded, call our team of experienced professionals to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Humane removal of:

Dead Animal Removal

We are a family owned and established wildlife control company. We have the tools and expertise to remove wildlife in a quick and effective fashion.

We practice humane removal of the animal, animal feces and nesting material along with minor repairs. All of these are included in our rate. Lives traps are used for the removal of most animals so they can be safely returned to uninhabited areas. We also provide temporary closure of animal egress until the homeowner can obtain permanent professional repair.

Destructive animals are persistent.
Once they get comfortable in your attic or build a nest in your basement, they’re especially difficult to remove. Full Moon Animal Control is the areas preferred company for animal control and removal.
We serve commercial property.
When nobody’s getting any work done because there is an animal lurking in the ceiling or walls we are your best choice to remove it and allow your team to get back to work.

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